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Dr. Taniesha Burke - Parenting Coaching & Courses

Dr. Taniesha Burke is a mother, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Developmental Psychology Researcher, and Lecturer. Dr. Burke supports families from diverse ethnic backgrounds to help them navigate the challenges of parenthood in this fast pace and stress prone world.

Dr. Burke’s coaching programs, workshops, and courses help parents to build healthy, resilient, connected families, and find joy in their parenting journey no matter the circumstances. Her research is in child development, parent-child relationships, and the strategies children use to protect their autonomy.

 Dr. Burke was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2009, she relocated, with her son, who was three years old at the time, to Canada to complete her graduate studies. During her studies, Dr. Burke had to adjust to being an immigrant with a young child. Many of the grants and scholarships were out of her reach because of her status. This meant that Dr. Burke was juggling full-time studies, multiple part-time jobs, and being a mother. With juggling so many responsibilities, she became an overworked and overstressed woman. The constant need for survival meant that her emotional, mental, and physical well-being took a hit as she struggled to keep it all together.

Towards the end of Dr. Burke’s Ph.D. program, she got an opportunity to relocate to Germany to conduct research. The move to Germany meant that Dr. Burke and her son had to again adjust to a new culture, but with the added challenge of learning a new language. The first 15 months tested their resolve and resilience, and Dr. Burke’s parenting skills

Restarting life in a new country is never easy, especially when we must protect and nurture our children’s well-being. Also, the responsibilities of parenting and work-life can deplete our energy to the point that it becomes difficult, if not, impossible to provide the emotional support and love that our children need to thrive and grow.

Through Dr. Burke’s experiences, she learned the importance of saying “no” to multiple responsibilities that would jeapordize her family’s well-being. She learned to master the art of time and financial management; how to value and live  the “Positive Discipline” principles under some of the most strenuous circumstances; the importance of a work-life balance;  and the importance of prioritizing her emotional, physical, and mental health.

Because of Dr. Burke’s experiences and professional training, she wanted to create programs for parents who have a desire and commitment to building healthy families, creating generational success, and thriving to be successful in their endeavors. Dr. Burke is committed to families’ well-being because of her fervent belief that: 

The family is the foundation of a healthy society


PhD. Family Relations & Human Development
University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada

M.Sc. Applied Psychology
University of the West Indies – Mona, Kingston, Jamaica

B.Sc. Psychology and International Relations
University of the West Indies – Mona, Kingston, Jamaica

Further Training

Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator
Positive Discipline Association, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
An affiliate of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP)

Facilitator Training, Strengthening Families Program
Guelph Community Health Centre/Wellington Country, Ontario, Canada

Trained Counsellor Program, Second Step: Skills For Social And Academic Success Program
Community for Children, Seattle, WA

Adlerian Parenting Bootcamp, Toronto, Canada
Alyson Schafer, M.A. Counselling (Adler School of Chicago)

Family Well-being