Topical Issues in Developmental Psychology

This seminar is concerned with topical issues in developmental psychology.  It involves some of the deepest issues in human development and relationships across the lifespan. This seminar provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human development. You will examine human sexuality, parent-child relationships, marital relations, unschooling, intergenerational trauma, and family and disability, to name a few. Perhaps most importantly, this course will allow you to reflect upon your own experiences, development, background, and value stance regarding development.

Exceptionality in Children and Youth

This course provides an overview of childhood and youth exceptionalities including intellectual differences, communication disorders, sensory impairment, developmental and behavioural disorders, as well as health problems. Issues faced by exceptional children and youth, in addition to their parents and siblings are discussed.

Parenting Across the Lifespan

This seminar is designed to provide students with an understanding of parent-child relationships, parenting, and socialisation across the lifespan (middle childhood, adolescence, adulthood). The primary focus of the seminar is on parent-child relationships in the Caribbean and North American contexts for the exploration of cultural assumptions and comparisons. Theoretical perspectives will emphasize a dynamic bidirectional and family systems model of processes in parent-child relationships and socialisation. Therefore, the interest is not only in parenting perspectives and actions, but also children’s perspectives and actions. Parents are assumed to accomplish their influence on children in a close long-term relationship context that also involves the influence of children on parents.

Development Across the Lifespan

This seminar provides students with an in-depth understanding of human development across the life span. The seminar focuses on specific stages of life from conception through to late adulthood. Various topical issues such as physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development will be discussed.

Development in Early and Middle Childhood

This seminar provides students with a greater understanding of children’s development during the period of early and middle childhood, ages 2 to 12 years.  The seminar focuses on children’s biological, psychological, and social development within various theoretical perspectives.

This course is taught from a learner-centered perspective which emphasizes the exploration of meaning and knowledge through personal and interpersonal discovery. This is strictly an online seminar; therefore, you will be required to become more active in your learning compared to traditional seminars.

Family Well-being