Thrive Parent Coaching Program

A strategic and practical approach to helping parents create a loving 
 family experience through respect and kindness

Do you desire to have a harmonious home and cooperative children? BUT instead your reality is…

  • Constant fights among family members
  • Children who are uncooperative, disrespectful, uncontrollable, and rebellious
  •  Poor communication that include shouts, screams, yells, and a cycle of back-talking
  • Ineffective discipline strategies that are punitive (e.g., threats, spanks) or permissive
  • Deep regret, anger, and frustration about being a parent
  • Marriage/relationship on the rocks because family stress
  • Constant parenting conflicts because of different cultural backgrounds and experiences

The Thrive Parent Coaching Program is a coaching program helps you to:

  • Create a roadmap for long-term parenting success
  • Implement healthy alternatives to blow-ups, tantrums, fights, and arguments
  •  Discipline children with tools that are kind and firm
  • Discover a new language of effective communication
  •  Create a cooperative and respectful home environment
  • Master skills to meet everyday challenges
  • Heal your marriage/relationship

The Thrive Parent Coaching Program
includes 4 core area of success:

Dr. Taniesha Burke - Parenting Coaching & Courses

Conscious Parenting

Dr. Taniesha Burke - Parenting Coaching & Courses

Emotional Wellness

Dr. Taniesha Burke - Parenting Coaching & Courses

Relationship Wellness

Dr. Taniesha Burke - Parenting Coaching & Courses

Family Unity

Who is Dr. Taniesha Burke

Dr. Taniesha Burke - Parent Coaching & Courses

The family is the foundation of a successful society

Dr. Taniesha Burke is a mother of a teen, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Developmental Psychologist, Researcher, and Lecturer. 

Through her coaching programs, workshops, and courses Dr. Burke helps parents to build healthy, resilient, connected families, and find joy in their parenting journey no matter the circumstances.

The motivation to help parents on their parenting journey stems from Dr. Burke’s childhood experiences. She was raised in a traditional Christian family that practiced spanking as a form of discipline. 

As a child, Dr. Burke had limited opportunities to express her views and opinions to the adults in her life without strict warnings against what was deemed inappropriate behaviors. As she entered the teen years, she felt lost and unsure about how to navigate the tumultuous years.

Her experience of punitive discipline strategies led her to studying psychology to understand human behavior and parent-child relationships, in particular.

Dr. Burke’s mission is to educate parents on the detrimental effects of punitive and permissive discipline strategies while equipping parents with tools and support to help them raise children who are confident, kind and competent. She aims to teach parents that parenting can be done with respect, dignity, and love. 

Testimonials of Dr. Burke's Work

This has been a fantastic course and I can’t recommend it enough! I have learned a lot about children’s needs and ways to decode and manage difficult behaviour. I have learned strategies for managing challenging situations with the kids and managing my own emotional roller coaster as a parent. This workshop has helped me understand many things about recognising and responding to children’s needs, and helped me understand that the independent and strong-willed child may be hard to handle as a parent but it’s this behaviour that will lead to an independent-minded and creative spirited adult. We just need to learn some sensible ways to work together. Taniesha is an excellent coach and has been a gentle but tough mentor through these workshops. She has been a great source of wisdom as well as inspiration.

I recommend going with your partner where possible. It’s has helped my husband and I “get on the same page” as far as parenting is concerned and it has been very bonding doing this together. Jane, mother of 6 and 8- year-old children

I feel that I’m starting to diffuse situations which would normally lead to screaming or crying. I’m taking some time before responding and I’m listening more. The kids are also helping more around the house and we’ve been having a lot of meaningful discussions. I feel like there has been a shift in my state of mind for the better. Parenting is hard and not connecting with your children makes it harder and more stressful. I appreciate being given some tools to make this journey a better one for all of us. Marielle, mother of children ages 4 and 8

The workshop was extremely useful to better understand the dynamics of the parent-child relationship and provided useful tools to shift certain aspects at home. Learning and practicing new tools has become very helpful at home with our children. This is an incredibly useful and fulfilling approach to parenting that every mom and dad should be aware of early in their parenthood career. Andrea, mother of children ages 4 and 7 

It has been an illuminating exploration of self-awareness with immediate benefits – I feel I have been given real tools, learned new parenting (and life) skills and received invaluable advice to help me really see how to reverse and/or improve on habits and negative patterns to the benefit of all family members. Taniesha is so honest, patient, knowledgeable and insightful – it’s been a true education!!! Sarah-Jane, mother of children ages 5 and 8

I have learned how to set the rules together with the children in family meetings; and how important it is to follow the rules consistently. I have seen the relationships between myself and the kids becoming more harmonious and we have all things better in control. The kids have also less conflicts between themselves. Taniesha is a great trainer and coach! Jasmine, mother of 10-year-old

The workshop has benefited my family greatly. Especially the family meeting exercise which we introduced into our family has helped very much to improve our parent-child relationship. The exercise on lifestyle priorities has had the biggest impact on me as this was not only helpful to understand my children better when they are stressed but also myself and my relationship with others. Susanne, mother of 10-year-olds

Taniesha is the perfect mix: sound scientific based foundation with experience as a parent herself. Family meeting is becoming a core tool for us. I am more happy with my interactions and reactions to my kids Frederik, father of 5 and 8 year-old children

Taniesha is a wonderful coach/teacher in this workshop. She really tries to work with our real topics/problems and this helps us parents a lot to get a better understanding of our kids. For me a lot of what Taniesha is telling in this workshop is not totally new but to call it back into consciousness and to apply it practically is great Dany, mother of 10-year-old

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